Aliagroup has, over the past two decades, built 'first-in-category' companies with a global footprint that stand at the intersection of Technology, Brands, Markets & Consumers.

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Future Focus

Aliagroup continues to invent and invest in globally scaled, disruptive solutions for marketers. After a recent survey of Global CMOs and Senior marketers and their needs, Aliagroup has focused on ambitiously pioneering "Brandtech" - to create the next in marketing and take it into the future. It is developing technology that disintermediates and disrupts, to create possibily the worls's first "Marketing Automation Platform".

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Our Companies

DMA /DYWorks: Brand Consulting

A transnational firm that came into India from the UK in 1997 - originally christened DMA (DesignMotive - Alia), it pioneered both branding and design thinking for large brands. It supported brand building efforts of 'mega brand' teams. In quick time it had over a 100 brands in its portfolio with 120 employees. It was involved in brand development of global brands and had an international footprint in 5 locations working cross border. It developed sub competencies under the Yellow and Maximus name. DMA was a target for aquisition and pursued by most multinational advertising and media groups for its unique positioning and deep branding relationships in the boardroom. It was finally divested to FutureGroup in 2010. DYWorks continues to be the leadership branding firm in Brand Equity rankings.

Alia Premedia Services Pvt Ltd - Enterprise Packaging Premedia

Another pioneering institution that was an offshoot of DMA. With modest beginnings as an execution arm – it created an early technology intervention for DMA clients for any pre media work. Soon this was recognised by other global brand owners and Alia was approached for independent programs. With a focus on technology and execution excellence in this complex space, it was invited to join the global enterprise platforms of multinational firms for their packaging pre media networks. Alia expanded quickly with a presence in 4 locations in Asia and discovered it was the predominant Packaging Premedia firm in Asia, and a top 5 globally. This too was a target for leaders like Schwak, SGS etc. It was finally divested to French major Diadeis in 2015 which in turn was acquired by SGS.

Radeus – Product Engineering & Development

Radeus was formed whilst interacting with product development in the FMCG space. The brands were falling between the two spaces of design and mould development. In this narrow space of product/creative at one end and engineering execution at the other – Radeus brought both disciplines under one roof. It was possibly one of the first firms to offer this under one roof. This capability was picked up very quickly by the technology firm Persistent Systems. Initially it wished to use Radeus as a partner to its global clients, however seeing the capability and opportunity it acquired Radeus in 2009

The Print Bazaar – Digital Print Stores

A lateral venture by Aliagroup. It decided to delve into the retail business – especially the unorganised print sector. This ambitious initiative was launched in the most difficult but largest print market of North India. It planted a flag in the hub of Nehru Place in New Delhi by opening the first of five professional and technology enabled digital print store chain. It became the 2nd largest chain in the country. It faced a lot of head winds and disruptions from the dominant unorganised sector, yet survived. It introduced the concept of corporate led and organised, fair price digital print market to North India. It was acquired by the Bangalore based Printo in 2016.

ARC – Creating Global Landmarks

A unique venture that brought about the union of two diverse disciplines- Architecture and Brand Development combining Aliagroup and Ratan Batliboi & Co (ARC). It was formed weeks before the global tender for the world renowned Marine Drive in Mumbai was to close for refurbishment. Pitching as a fledgling amongst 54 global bids – it was pleasantly surprised to learn that its unique philosophy and presentation won. The Marine Drive refurbishment project that involved a ‘User First’ approach has won numerous accolades for its simplicity and user friendliness. This was also the passion of promoters to give back to the city that gave them so much.

Brandtouch – Marketing Autmation Platform

Aliagroup's newest venture. Created after a residual understanding of the marketers challenges of obtaining consumer engagement and getting actionable consumer PII data. Brandtouch takes brands D2C through its Marketing Automation Platform.


Originally known as CBO Technologies , Prausam was the internal software development arm of Aliagroup. CBO offered e-business development and support services across diverse web technologies. It prided itself not only as supporting rapid product development to support all group firms but also as an indigenous software products company and pioneer of custom branded software in India. However, seeing its value and with divestments occurring in the group, it’s verticals were aligned to respective group companies as mandated by prospective buyers . However the DNA of excellence remains solid and it continues to create software for a cause – primarily for education in Municipal Schools. It also provides technology support to Aliagroup’s needs.

Our Brands

Advisory Board

Values & Behaviours

Aliagroup believes "Values Drive Value"
Values continue to direct the growth & business of Aliagroup companies. These three core Aliagroup values, based on very simple and time tested truths are the foundation of the way we do the business:-
Our 3 Core Values are based on the principle that they will add to or draw from our philosophy to "Outthink"!

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To us Outthink is Alchemy.
It is to find unknown combinations of known things.
As Entrepreneurs we began with nothing but a deep and burning desire to build and create.
Whatever we have built has been on the foundation of passion, initiative, ownership and intellect.

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The Aliagroup Archetype

Many People (younger and older) feel stifled in their work and wish to start off on their own - but do not know how!
If you agree with most of the statements below, call us - let's see if we can set you up in one of our firms.
Previous job, background, age and education is no bar. Just write us a few complelling lines and send us brief details through Contact Us:

  • are resourceful enough to depend on themselves.

  • set up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.

  • learn to network to meet the right people.

  • know that overnight success may take 7 to 8 years

  • know that money is not the first reason to be Entrepreneur - passion and desire rule.

  • have the ability to weather the ups and downs of any business since it never

    goes exactly the way the business plan described it.

  • know that they are not being able give enough to their existing jobs.

  • work for themselves.

  • are more hands on.

  • want to take on additional roles.

  • create other leaders.

At Aliagroup we make sure we utilize the appropriate environmental systems to ensure our performance is sustainable. We endeavor to work in an environment where we do not sacrifice the environment for our companies profit and production needs. In light of the same we launched an environment protection initiative "Eco Responsive" way back in 2007 aimed at reducing our energy consumption and managing our waste whenever possible as also reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill by increasing the volume of recycling. The environmental performance of the Group continues to improve with its Business Units adopting "Eco Responsive" towards meeting the goal of contributing towards the sustainibility of the environment in all possible ways.