Our Core Values

Values & Behaviours

Aliagroup believes “Values Drive Value”

Values continue to direct the growth and business of Aliagroup companies. These three core Aliagroup values, based on very simple and time tested truths are the foundation of the way we do business:-

Our 3 Core Values are based on the principle that they will add to or draw from our philosophy to “Outthink” !

Curiously Disruptive - is in our Spirit
We believe that being ever curious leads us to seek, question and challenge status quo. It encourages us to bring our personal views and thinking into situations, tasks and goals – leading to a disruptive stance. It leads one to seeing an opportunity in everything. This translates eventually into being a character & personality asset. A trait to enable and enjoy a richer life

Unwavering Commitment & Obsessive Passion - in our Mind & Heart
This seldom exists in isolation. This value is, before anything else - a commitment to & passion for your own life. A desire to live life to the fullest. To extract the maximum learning (and often joy) from every moment of your own existence. It makes one lead their life to its fullest potential. The fact that this spills into ones work life - is purely incidental. Nothing significant in life has ever been achieved without some unsubstantiated commitment, enthusiasm and passion!

The Devil is in the Detail & Execution - which we will overcome – commit physically!
One cannot just THINK one’s way to success! There is NO escaping this. It is hygiene to reach ANY scale. Just like our business of going beyond awareness (after all the dreams and plans are made), showing up and executing diligently piece by piece is the final frontier of success. Focus, attention to detail, completing things started, long hours, perseverance, patience - all form part of this arduous but very gratifying and rewarding part of life.

Our Core Values & Culture are built on a foundation of Authenticity, Responsiveness, and Humility.


To us Outthink is Alchemy.

Alchemy is creation of something out of nothing.

It is to find unknown combinations of known things.

As entrepreneurs we began with nothing but a deep and burning desire to build and create.

Whatever we have built has been built on the foundation of passion, initiative, ownership and intellect.

We began with no capital, no business experience and certainly no inherited resources.

Our resources were our will, our integrity, our attitude, our humility and our ability to constantly learn, our personal relationships and self-belief .

Out of this we created an organization of learners and leaders.

With limited resources and experience- success could only be achieved by OUTHTHINKING the situation, the solutions and the competition.

To Outthink is to find solutions and directions way beyond the obvious. To think, imagine and maximize the situation with often limited tools and resources.

Outthink it is to leverage the mind to deliver more. To seek greater value than the obvious. Outthinking urges one to think beyond this obvious and push boundaries never perceived could be scaled. It is to question presumptuous. It is to be curious. It is to question practices & mores objectively. It is to demand and seek answers where none may exist.

It is to challenge convention in a benign manner – in a quest to find newer and more efficient answers, solutions and way of doing things. It is about curiosity and learning.

It is to have an ambition to add value to ANY situation – personal, social or professional.

It is about constantly challenging yourself... to perform better by your own standards.

It is about an ‘exponential what can be’ and not about an ‘incremental what is’

It is about being fearless, bold, and innovative. But honest to the ‘cause’ (the solution we seek!)

It is a belief that solutions exist way beyond what MOST think. It is about being a mini R&D lab constantly engaged in churning out thoughts and ideas that will find traction somewhere…

Outthinking is an attitude. It is a state of mind. It is a way of living life & a way of doing business.

Outthinking lays a platform to extract and create more out of any situation one is confronted with.
It can exist at and apply to any level and in any situation in life.
Exponential thinking delivers exponential results. We have done it. We know.
Outthinking creates this alchemy to deliver unprecedented progress and growth.
It is to add the extra in the ordinary and create extraordinary results…every day.

All successful people have 'Outthought' their way to their position and riches. THEY HAVE MADE THINGS HAPPEN!

The Aliagroup Archetype