Aliagroup Profile


Aliagroup has, over the past over two decades, built ‘first-in-category’ companies with a global footprint that stand at the intersection of Technology, Brands, Markets & Consumers.

Its experience & relationships spawn 400+ brands (many global), 100+ brand owners, 50+ categories, 3000+ marketing initiatives across 4 continents. This has led to a deep understanding of over 2 Bn consumers served through its firms - as also the internal marketing structures and systems of large brand owners.
Aliagroup has created and delivered significant economic value to all its stakeholders. It has exited and divested successfully in four of its ventures.

Future Focus

Aliagroup continues to invent and invest in globally scaled, disruptive solutions for marketers.

After a recent survey of global CMOs and Senior marketers and their needs, Aliagroup has focused on ambitiously pioneering “Brandtech” - to create the next in marketing and take it into the future. It is developing technology that disintermediates & disrupts, to create possibly the world’s first “Marketing Automation Platform”.

This scalable neutral platform being built by Brandtouch & Analytics (BTA), provides disintermediation - to create an eco-system of brands, channels and vendors that will integrate them with each other to go direct to consumer. This self-serve and pay per use platform is purpose built to drive data driven marketing.

Its database and tech led network will enable:

  • Direct Communication
  • Direct Offers (Deals, Discounts & Trials)
  • Direct Sales
  • Direct Data Procurement & Enrichment
  • O2O Capabilies - Online to Offline & Offline to Online Capability

Traditional marketing pushes the brand to the consumer. BTA’s platform is designed to push the consumer to the brand – whilst collecting valuable PII data and the all-important opt in for the brand
This is The Future Of Marketing

Building platforms for marketers to access, communicate and transact with consumers directly.