A peek into the past

Our History

Aliagroup began in the year 1992 as Alia Creative Consultants with three people operating from a dining table.
Began as a corporate communications firm – and morphed into a branding services and brand consulting firm in about a decade.
Parallel expansion into Technology, KPO, Retail and Product engineering sectors.

Our Experience

  • Branding solutions
  • Corporate Branding
  • Marketing
  • Design
  • Packaging
  • Print Management
  • Retail
  • Software development
  • Product Engineering
  • Go-to-Market support and strategy

Group Companies


Scoat™ is a global organization of tomorrow. We are young and future focused. We are creating an entirely new category in protective textiles. We are committed to creating a firm of learners and leaders who will set benchmarks in pioneering corporate and business practices. Scoat operations were suspended due to pending U.S regulatory clearances.

Cognizance Packaging

'Cognizance Packaging’ is the premiere packaging solutions provider offering a wide gamut of packaging related services to its clients. Cognizance Packaging as we see it today had its genesis in the association formed by ADTS with one of the most reputed packaging institutes in India to come out with the Cognizance monthly newsletter in April 2009. The association was poised for growth from the very inception with the synergies of both the organizations complementing each other and the need gap that exists in the market today. However, the transition from a knowledge provider to a high-end packaging service provider has been exceptionally quick. Cognizance expertise was merged into Alia Premedia.

Our Clients